Capital One Auto Finance Phone Number?

Posted on July 7, 2013 – 02:06

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Cross post - victim of fraud on wedding day

2006-10-23 07:50:30 by jswife2b

Hi everyone,
I'm married now. Ceremony was beautiful. Sorry, but I don't have any pictures yet.
We leave for honeymoon on TUESday, but I had to warn future brides in Washington area to stay away from Capital Party staffers/dj/valet/security or bartenders and Avery Leak. I contracted with this company to provide wait staff service and auto valets for my wedding on Saturday. I paid $...or will he return our messages.
I'll give a detailed recap of my wedding later, which otherwise was fabulous. We have the BEST friends, coworkers and family in the world. They all chipped in and SET UP the ballroom BEAUTIFULLY!!! They had everything almost completed by the time we arrived at the reception site. We served dinner banquet style and everyone had fun. I LOVE my guests so much!

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