The Perks of Capital One Miles

Posted on November 23, 2013 – 05:11 am
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Whether you are currently a Capital One cardholder or if you are seeking a new credit card for your own personal or business expenses, Capital One has a variety of options and incentives to apply for one. With Capital One credit cards it is possible to earn "Capital One Miles", or, flying miles which are rewarded based on the card you have chosen and the amount that you spend using the card each month (for either personal or business transactions). Who Can Use Capital One Miles?

Anyone who is interested in applying for a credit card from Capital One has the option to select a card that offers miles as rewards. Whether you are seeking a business credit card or a card for personal expenses and bills, Capital One has cards available for everyone who is looking for a way to get rewards for their spending and paying the credit card bills on time each month.

The Perks of Capital One Mile Credit Cards

A major advantage to applying for a Capital One Miles credit card is that you do not have to concern yourself with blackout dates and there are also no seat restrictions when selecting when you want to fly and put the mils you have earned to use. Additionally, Capital One does not limit where you can travel when you decide to use your miles, even if it is an international trip and vacation.

A significant advantage to having a Capital One Miles credit card is that all of the miles you earn cannot expire throughout your entire lifetime, making them redeemable at just about any time you want to plan a trip or getaway.

Redeeming your miles is simple and can be done through the online Capital One banking and rewards system. Upon logging in with your Capital One banking username and password, you will have immediate access to the company's virtual catalog of rewards that are redeemable with the miles you have to your name. You can select from flights and travel to redeeming your miles for home goods, gift cards, and even services that appeal to you and that are offered in your area.

What Are Capital One Miles Useful For?

Although Capital One Miles seems to only offer free flight miles from the name itself, they can also be redeemed for gift cards, vacation packages, merchandise, car rentals, and even hotel rooms that are available from the actual Capital One redeeming center online.

Using your miles earned from your Capital One card can be used for personal items, even if your credit card is intended to be used only for business purposes--as the rewards are of no cost to you additionally.

Finding a Capital One Card to Earn Miles

When you want to apply for a Capital One card to begin earning Capital One Miles, you can do so right from home using the internet. Comparing different Capital One cards, APR on each card, and even the number of miles you will earn based on your spending are all ways to determine which card is ideal for you and even for your business.


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