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Posted on December 23, 2013 – 07:45 am
Watch #7 Georgia vs. Nebraska : 2013 Capital One Bowl Live Online

What an enjoyable day you are going to have? Hello dear Georgia Bulldogs vs Nebraska Cornhuskers, your long waited match between Georgia Bulldogs vs Nebraska Cornhuskers is going to held in a short time. Surely you will get lot of enjoyment by watching the match live on HQHD. We will provide you all sorts of required things that might assist you in this regard. You can watch the math live on your PC or Laptop with the help of our offer. So, will you be the lucky on to accept this opportunity.

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2007 Capital One Bowl Full Ticket Wisconsin Arkansas
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China Crisis

2010-12-17 23:01:04 by topey

The social impact of China's economic transformation
China's immense economic transformation has involved terrible human and environmental costs.4 Of course, its apologists point to the fact that economic growth has allowed the average level of consumption to rise.5 They point to the growing Chinese middle class whose standard of living is comparable to their Western counter-parts and wou...to the impact on the environment.
As we shall see in more detail, across China rapid industrialisation and urbanisation is leading to an alarming increase in pollution. As a result millions of Chinese people are being poisoned as China's air, land, rivers and sea are turned into toxic waste dumps. China's Communist leaders have certainly unleashed a capitalism red in tooth and claw.

Expand all the BCS conferences to 16 teams

2009-12-15 14:43:59 by SPEmike

4 divisions, 4 team playoff to win the conference. Call this supersized conglomerate Div 1. The rest of the divisions (MAC, MWC, etc) then form Div 1A and have their own national title. Division 1 uses the existing BCS bowl structure for their playoff, add two more BCS bowls (or bring in existing bowls like Capital One) and then you have a format where the winners from each of the 6 conferences ... go out to at large teams, leaving 8 teams for 7 BCS bowls. Playoff structure ensues, bowls exist, no extra time is spent.
I think this is win-win. The bigger schools get their bowls still, no small time conferences to interrupt their blatent monopoly, the smaller conferences get their own championship, and the better small schools like Boise, TCU, etc get brought into the BCS conferences.

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