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Posted on May 7, 2013 – 00:00

Capital One is one of the greatest Banking service provider in America and many people uses its services for themselves. One of the most important and requested service nowadays are Online services. Online Bill payment is one of the most important parts of Online Banking. Many people are using these services because it is very comfortable paying your bills from anywhere and anytime. The boring queues are not needed any more; you can just go online, on your account and pay all you need. Paying bills online gives you also another benefit, for example you will not have to make some checks, get rid of envelopes and stamps, and the most important you will not miss any of your payment, so you will not have to pay any more penalty bills.

Features and Advantages

Here we will introduce you some advantages which is given by Capital One Online Bill payment:

- Paying your bills is free of charge, it means that every month you can pay as many times and as much amount of the money, as you wish.
- You are able to make next day payments (if it is available from payees)
- Your paid bill will be delivered on time and Capital One guarantees this.
- Capital One’s online bill payment also guarantees you one of the safest and secured systems.
- You can pay almost every individual and business in whole United States.
- You can schedule your payments and pay your bills automatized.
- You can also enjoy convenient and secured eBills delivery service online, you can get rid of all papers and all of your documents will be preserved.
- You can also sync your account in Capital One to Quicken and Quickbooks and this is all free of charge.

Capital One banking and online bill payment
Using Capital One online Bill Payment you will be able to have real-time information about your private account. You can also transfer funds from / to your account in a few seconds (transferring money to another bank account is also available). Capital one gives you an opportunity to easily change your account settings, for example update the e-mail address or order some statements linked to your account. All of your private information will be protected using Capital One’s free Online Statement Delivery.

Capital One has enabled for consumers, who are using Online Banking, several variations of getting alerts from your account. You can choose what type of alerts you want to receive (for example daily balance summary or direct deposit that was posted). You are also able to choose how you will receive the information, you can get news on your e-mail address, or on your mobile (it can be text message or a voice mail). If you are a smart phone user you can enjoy Capital One’s online banking system. It is easy to use and very comfortable; you can bank from any place where you can connect to the internet via your smart phone.


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5 Step Program to Clean up Housing Market

2011-10-28 12:50:52 by causeimthesquid

1. The first step toward restoring a healthy housing market is to eliminate the tools and forces of financialization: low/no down payments, low interest rates, securitized mortgages, government giveaways, Federal Reserve buying of mortgage-backed securities, and the Federal...pulation and the corrupting grip of speculative financialization, that no buyer can be assured that he/she will be able to sell their home in the future.
This leads to a very rational hesitation: in a weak, fractured and increasingly volatile labor market, it is risky to commit oneself to buying a house that could rapidly decrease in value and cannot be sold.
Charles Hugh Smith

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