I currently have a Capital One secured card. What are the credit

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Capital Venturesm Rewards Credit Card Apply ~ Sears credit card apply

The Cerulean Discover Card is a hybrid card offering both secured and unsecured credit lines. You can apply for this card, but you will most likely be offered a secured credit card. You can improve your credit score by paying on time with your current credit card and you may become eligible for an unsecured one. Medical bills do not impact your credit score as significantly as unpaid credit card bills. Medical bills affect your credit score only if they were handed to a collection agency.

Source: www.credit-land.com

Elsevier Relative price volatility under Sudden Stops: The relevance of balance sheet effects [An article from: Journal of International Economics]
Book (Elsevier)


2006-01-02 21:40:01 by five_ten

5 – to make sure that you have everything in your budget (I would bet you don’t) buy a small notebook and both you and your spouse write down EVERY PENNY that you spend for the next 90 days. After 90 days sit down and categorize every item from a $4 magazine to a $1 tip. Evaluate what you have spent your money on and see where you can cut back. Make sure you clip coupons and only shop on double ...m
Capital One - 616.02 - 27.74% - minimum
Discover - 8,281.01 - around 20% - minimum
IRS – as per agreement
Collection Account – as per agreement
The only change I might make to this is to just pay the Crap1 card in full ASAP since it is relatively low. That will make one less bill to think about and give you an open credit line if you happen to have an emergency.

Chances of success with disputing? (long)

2006-08-05 03:31:19 by PissedOnByFraud

Placed an order online with a clothing company the end of last month.
There was option to deffer the payment until October. I took the offer.
My online account with the company states a coupon code was applied and shipped with my order, which would be the deffered billing option.
All fine and dandy. I've ordered many times over 10 years with this company, its always done like t...?
I've never disputed before, and only had one late payment and one over limit fee (of 1$ because I had a dislexic moment) in the past 4 years with them, other wise good history with them.
I'm so sorry this is long, I'm just very upset over this fraud of bait and switch they pulled on me.
Do credit card companies actually hear your side before they chose who was in the right?

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